Is This Book for You?

If you answered 'yes' to some of these questions, you are not alone. The blues and depression are surprisingly common in our society. At any one time, one in five adults is feeling down and one in 10 is showing more significant signs of depression. In fact, depression has been described as the common cold of the psyche.

This book is for people who:

By understanding the relationship between your thoughts and your moods, you will see how thinking in certain ways puts you at risk of low moods or suffering more intense depression and other distressing feelings. This book teaches you how to regulate your moods by changing your thinking style.

By becoming aware of your thinking habits, you will be able to respond more calmly to situations. You will have greater choice in how you respond to events instead of being tied to old self-defeating patterns. You will have better self-control and proven techniques to achieve inner calmness.