Beating the Blues has become a classic self-help book for depression that resonates as much for this generation as it did 20 years ago. It is written with simplicity, humour and most of all credibility. Its accessible, thoughtful and practical approach makes it my top recommendation for those grappling with the despair of depression.
Professor Philip Mitchell, Head,
School of Psychiatry, UNSW, Sydney

For two decades, the accessibility, usefulness and clarity of Beating the Blues has maintained its position as one of the most widely used self-help treatment manuals in Australia. The extensive accumulated wisdom and creative clinical expertise of these authors in this area stands alone.
Chris Mackey, Principal Psychologist, Specialist
Psychology Services, Geelong, Vic

Beating the Blues is a favourite clinical resource of mine and remains one of my most frequently recommended books to clients with depression. Its description of depression is helpful, accurate and unique in its simplicity and clients feel that it is highly relevant to them. It provides one of the best available explanations for clients on how to make cognitive therapy work for them. The rationale for other interventions is also clear, with practical suggestions.
Dr Chris Basten, Clinical Psychologist,
Private Practice, Sydney

I sometimes wondered if I would ever escape from the dark cloud of depression; but then in Beating the Blues I found a way to understand depression and effective tools to develop a happier and more balanced life.
Christopher Barker (age 56)

Beating the Blues has made such a wonderful difference to my life.
Alonna (age 25)

Beating the Blues is a perceptive and invaluable self-help approach to overcoming depression.
Daily News

Beating the Blues offers sound suggestions and confidenceboosting advice to allow depressed individuals to help themselves.
The Sydney Morning Herald